Rolling Meadows Goats Milk Skincare

Rolling Meadows Goats Milk Skincare Has New Kids in Town

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This is the time of year most of our kids are born at Rolling Meadows. It is hectic with 21 girls being bred and roughly delivering 60 kids total. Yes the girls are all spoiled in that they have their own birthing suites complete with a webcam so we can monitor them 24/7. Normally moms do a great job of kidding but we like to be there for any unanticipated complications. We try and post pics or live video just after the kidding! or sometimes during the process.

Super creamy milk is the by product of kidding! This milk is what makes our products at Rolling Meadows Goats Milk Skincare.

If you would like to come out and see the kids in person. Just give us a call and schedule a time. We are more than happy to share our love of goats.

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