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Not Just Another Goats Milk Company!

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At Rolling Meadows Goats Milk Skincare, we care about our products and worked hard to blend just the right mounts of natural ingredients for the best product available! From the beginning quality was at the foremost in our mind. We made made a list of specifications for each product and what we wanted to accomplish with it. We then chose types of butters and oils to meet those specifications. Experimenting with ratio’s for hours trying to get just the right feel of each and every one of them.

Once we had the recipe, we began looking at suppliers. Asking where the product comes from, the processes in which it is made. We looked at the sustainability of the producers and the practices in which they used to grow the raw materials.

Once all our criteria were met, we made the purchases.

We are happy with the all natural aspects of our product and the sourcing of the materials. We don’t use dye’s or products containing FD&C colorants. We use natural clay’s and materials for a specific function such as Kaolin Clay in our Rosemary Peppermint Specialty Bar, Activated Charcoals, and¬†Bentonite Clay for shave bars to name a few.

From a business stand point we had to venture into the Fragrance Oil market in order to sustain us as a business. We are careful in selecting fragrances to ensure they are Pthylate  free. Pthylates are known to cause hormonal imbalances and other issues.

We are striving to be a self sustaining farm and it is important to us to make sure we are as all natural as possible.

Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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