New Web Store!

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We are happy to announce the Grand Opening of Rolling Meadows Goats Milk Skincare, our newly remodeled Web Store! We have put a lot of time and effort in creating a secure shopping site for you to enjoy our Great Rolling Meadows Goats Milk Skincare items. Our web address is or just follow the link. Sign up for our News Letter for great coupons and give away’s.

In celebration of the Grand Opening we are hosting a Facebook Party! Friday February 3rd at 6PM until 8PM we are going to be having a party with lots of games, prizes and drawings.

Invite your friends to the party. When them private message us (Invited by YOUR NAME) like our page, and both of you sign up for our news letter. At the end of the party we are going to tally who had the most people show up and that person will win a Valentines Deluxe Basket!

We will be having a roll call drawing! At various times we will be posting roll call. Simply put your name on the post and we will enter all into a drawing for a prize!

We will be playing where is Gigi? At various time we will post Where is Gigi? you will then go to and look through the product pages. When you find her you post the product it is located in and you will win that product!

Now for the give away that you can enter into now. At the end of the night we will have names of all the friends and customers that ordered and draw a name of a lucky winner! That person will win a duplicate order of items they ordered between now and 9 PM on Friday Feb 3rd.

Also, as a kicker, sign up for our news letter now for a special discount on an item.

Hope to see you all then!