About Rolling Meadows Farms

Rolling Meadows is life long dream of Larry and Darian Denman. Larry retired from the military and Darian was in the banking industry. Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, we worked together to move to East Tennessee in the foot hill of the Appalachian Mountains to start a farm!

Rolling Meadows is an all natural farm using sustainable practices to grow our own food. From meats to vegetable we feed ourselves with low input food sources. Meaning we resource most of the inputs from our own farm.

The centerpiece of our farm are our Nigerian Dwarf and Llamancha goats. We use the goat's milk for feed for other livestock and for ourselves. We make cheese, butter, creamer, and many other things for our own consumption.

Facing an abundance of milk we started looking at other ways to use the milk. Due to the expense and red tape of starting a dairy, we began reading about goat's milk skincare products and started dabbling in making soap and lotions. We soon discovered how well it worked. Upon further research we found that many skin care companies added synthetics such as Alpha Hodroxy Acid, lactic acid and others synthetics to their products to emulate the superior benefits of goat's milk. As we have all experienced, generics just are not the same. Real authentic goat's milk is far better than the synthetic compounds. The big box manufactures do not use goat's milk because of the expense. They all think about the bottom line and making products as cheaply as possible and charging the most money they can.

We have done tremendous research and development and found that quality of the ingredients has everything to do with the out come. There are many oils that can easily be used to make our products. We have chosen each oil and butter for its specific skin care quality. We use no fillers or volume enhancing ingredients to thin and make our products go further. 

Rolling Meadows Naturals is a small farm based company that strives to create all natural products that work! From our hand made Goat's Milk Soap, to our Lotion Sticks, all our products are handmade so slight variations are possible! Our number one goal is customer satisfaction!