About Our Essential Oils

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About Rolling Meadows Essential Oils

Rolling Meadows Naturals

Founded in 2015, Rolling Meadows Naturals dove into producing skin care products utilizing natural oils and butter combined with  essential oils. After numerous hours of reseach in the field of essential oils we have gained a vast knowledge on the enourmous contribution they offer to our holistic wellbeing.

As we  continuted to learn about the value of essential oils, we began working  to find sources of the purest of oils at a great value that we could pass on to out customers. With Quality, Purity,  and Responsibility (Q. P. R. ) as core values, we have been able to purchase from some of the leading distillers bulk quantities of the best essential oils available. Essential oils that are pure and safe to use for the entire family. We are proud today to provide our customers a selection of premium essential oils and blends that improve the lives of you and your family.  Our commitment is  to deliver high-quality products is rooted in our Q. P. R. program and backed by our 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction.

We are a small farm based, family owned business in nestled in the foot hills of  Appalacia.  In turn, we are able to provide pure essential oils at a value-rich price. This important commitment is the core of our vision to deliver the best quality essential oil from our farm to your home.



Rolling Meadows sources only the best therapeutic grade well documented essential oils available on the market. We want to know where the plants came from, growing practices, distillation practices. We do all this to ensure pure and natural. We sell oils that we know that will benefit our family in everyday use for our holistic needs.

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Rolling Meadows reviews GC/MS test data from the distillers to ensure purity and strength. We select only the purest of the therapeutic grades available for our family and yours. We accept no dilutions or extenders. When purchasing our 100% pure essential oils you can rest assured you are getting the best on the market.



At Rolling Meadows we practice organic growing and responsible farming practices. We value the land and what it offers us in of our life. We are respectful of each step we take to only take what we need and put back to ensure sustainability of future generations. We look to ensure that every step of the process of our oils to your home have the same values and practices.



Rolling Meadows Products supass my wildest dreams. I use to have to use the big named expensive face creams due to acne. I have found the holy grail of moisturizers now.


I feel good using Rolling Meadows products. All natural that really makes me feel luxurios.


I use to itch when I got out of the shower. Rolling Meadows Goats Milk Soap

has changed all that. No chemicals, only natural oils and goats milk.