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Rolling Meadows Face Care Essentials


A favorite essential duo for many. Our Award winning Face Soap and Face cream set is sure to leave your skin clean, fresh and radiant. You surely don't want to miss this set for your every day face care.

Face Bar: Our face bar is a cleaning power house with natural skin loving Oils, Kaolin Clay, and Activated Charcoal. To top it off we have added the essential oils of Peppermint and Rosemary to help with blemishes and wrinkles.

Age Defying Face Cream: A moisturizing powerhouse of the finest oils and butters combined with Age Defying Essential oils. Not oily or greasy and litterally melts into your skin. Designed for the most sensitive of skin but powerful enough for dried skin as well. Our age defying essential oil blend is specifically designed to help with wrinkles, blemishes, scaring and much more.

You will love the effects of this set! On sale now for $24.99

Rolling Meadows Naturals

Nature Made, Farmer Blended.

Skin Care the way nature intended


Start a rewarding career with Rolling Meadows Naturals as an independent sales consultant. Choose you own hours, choose your entry level and begin sharing your passion for all natural products.

About Rolling Meadows Naturals

Rolling Meadows is an all natural farm using sustainable practices to grow our own food. From meats to vegetable we feed ourselves with low input food sources. Meaning we resource most of the inputs from our own farm.

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The Power of Goat's Milk

As we began  using  goat’s milk to make butter, cheese and yes milk, and we learned of the great benefits of goat’s milk in skin care. We made our first bar of soap and quickly found this was different! Creamy and smooth very cleansing. All day in the sun working around left us dry and itchy, and with goat’s milk, that soon changed. Read More...

Natural Skin Care

Thre’s no question that a natural and organic approach makes sense when it comes to choosing your food. The same can be said for other products you put on your body. Specifically, skin care. Think about all of the products you may use on a daily basis that may come in contact with your skin. Clothes, moisturizers, cleansers, fragrances, city treated water during showering, deodorant, the list goes on. Read More...