Flat Rock's Misstaken / Polled (REFERENCE ONLY)
Sire: MCH Flat Rocks Fox Fire E
SSire: MCH Ponders End Minstrel Show E
Sire: Flat Rocks Five O One Blues
Dam: MIghty Fine Prissy
SDam:Lost Pines Champagne
Sire: Gay Mor RA Kingwood ++S
Dam: MCH Goodwood Fox
Dam:Flat Rocks Miss Adventure
DSire: Flat Rocks Maestro +S
Sire: MCH Ponders End Minstrel Show E
Dam: MCH Flat Rocks Surprise *D
DDam: Flat Rocks Miss Fortune

Sire: MunchRanch Cactus Jack
Dam: Flat Rocks Funny Bone

*Udder photo credit to Sycamore Springs Farm (1st udder pic, 2nd from 2016 not completely full with twins on her)