Rolling Meadows Orchard and Farm is located in East Tennessee. Fledgling farmers at work. Currently working 26 acres toward a self-sustaining lifestyle farm.

Larry is retired military and former business owner. Darian a former employee in the banking industry. Longing to return to his roots of agriculture, he and his wife Darian purchased property in the mountains of East Tennessee. Finally breaking the ties of the hustle and bustle of city life we made the transition to the farm in Sept of 2012. This is when our journey began.

With the realization that our food sources in our grocery stores are full of pesticides, and antibiotics it was our desire to raise and grow our own food, but decided to take it a step further and provide a venue for others to eat healthy as well. We encourage you to join our journey. Find us on facebook at Rolling Meadows Nigerian Goats and follow along with us.


Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats raised on natural pasture. We have found preventative maintenance through a healthy environment works better than any medicines. We currently are breeding our Nigerians for milk production and conformation. Our unregistered Mini Lamachas are strickly for milk production and selling to other homesteaders for such. If you haven't tried Nigerian or Lamancha goats milk, you are missing out. It is very rich tasting and good for you. One of the highest percentage in butterfat of all the milk goat breeds. Some people that are unable to consume cows milk can tolerate goats milk and their products.

We feature Large Black Hogs a heritage breed that are natural grazers. Rotational grazing allows these hogs to be leaner and healthier hogs and protect our coveted soil. Higher in Omega's and less need for unnatural feeds that major feed lots use. We will be offering feeder pigs, Barrows, and guilts.

Free ranged chickens provide an abundance of eggs. Lower in cholesterol and higher in Omega three acids.

Onsite Apiary provides an abundance of great organic honey. Our garden features vegetables on a limited basis, as well as, a small fruit and berry patch.

We currently have thirty six fruit trees that include Arkansas Black and Jonathan apples, peaches, plumbs, cherries, and pears.

For our newest venture we are diving into the health and beauty market offering Goat milk skin care products such as lotions, soaps and bath bombs. It has taken a while to develop the right mixture of hand selected organic products to create the right blend. No one likes a greasy lotion that does not absorb and we have worked to create a rich soothing lotion that absorbs well. Treat yourself to the best and try our products today.